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AR Workflow Automation

Turn your admissions into cash

1 to 3 Facilities

$547/ mo / facility

The best all-in-one workflow solution for 1 to 3 facility operators.

21+ Facilities

$447/ mo / facility

Automate follow up to get predictable and repeatable cash flow.

Enterprise or Other

Talk to us

Over 200+ facilities?  What's your situation and your goal?

All plans include these must-haves

No usage limits


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited patients

Core features


  • Dashboard metrics and KPIs
  • Workflow templates 
  • AR Aging view
  • Task and Activity Management

Customer support


  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • 1-on-1 onboarding sessions
  • Advisory services

Commonly asked questions

Do you have setup costs?

Absolutely not. 

If I add facilities, how much setup is there?

None. Just add the facility to your EMR, and we'll pull the new Facility from your EMR.

What is a facility?

A Facility is a building, department, or branch of your operation.

For example, for Nursing Homes (SNF's), a Facility refers to a single nursing home. For Hospitals, a Facility refers to a department. For Home Health Agencies, a Facility refers to a branch (i.e. a territory).

How do you connect to my EMR (practice software)?

We connect to your EMR via a regular human user login. Meaning, the same way you'd create a new login for a new User, create a new User for AR Proactive (ideally with limited permissions to run reports only). Give us the username and password you create, and we connect to your EMR.

Is my data safe?

100%. Our servers are backed up every 30 minutes, run on SOC2 compliant cloud servers, and have been audited by KPMG Cyber. And all data is encrypted in transit. And our severs are subject to monthly 3rd party vulnerability testing. It's bullet proof.

How do I measure ROI (return on investment)?

A couple ways to measure ROI:
  1. Cash flow. When you get paid on more claims per month (that otherwise would not have been paid), then that extra cash (or faster cash) will pay for AR Workflow Automation and give ROI of 5x (depending on your average claim balance).

  2. Increased efficiency. When your staff are 10% more efficient due to AR Workflow Automation, then that extra efficiency give you ROI.

  3. Visibility.  When leadership now has greater visibility into AR and revenue-related processes, and then you can make decisions faster to get paid quicker.  This is visibility generates ROI.

Try our ROI calculator here.


Some of our incredible Customers and Integrations

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