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This is our story

In 2013, we started running AR and RCM teams in Healthcare.  Our vision was to build the infrastructure to empower healthcare owners to never worry about cash or AR.  We hired top billing talent, and within a few weeks we were converting AR to cash.

Next, we searched the market for the best technologies available. Unfortunately, we came back disappointed. Existing solutions seemed to be focused on turning RCM teams into data entry specialists. None of them showed any understanding of the needs of an RCM team when it came to their job and daily workflow.

After a lot of frustration we decided to fix the problem instead of complaining about it.

We started developing our own RCM solution. During that time, our RCM people processed and recovered millions of dollars of AR using our secret sauce: AR Proactive.

We knew we were sitting on something special when we got more and more demand from other people wanting to know how we do it.  So in Dec. 2014 we released AR Proactive to the world.

Today, we have team members from around the world — supporting and coaching Healthcare customers to growth every single day.  


A Simple Passion:
the Passion to Simplify

We're on a mission to help Healthcare companies simplify their RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and AR (Accounts Receivable) processes.

Our software platform promises to:

  • optimize your RCM and AR to
  • provide you with cash-fuel to
  • power patient care.
Rich Handler talking - simplifying RCM and AR
AR Workflow Automation

Healthcare payments are complex

The problem we’re solving for health providers is that’s it’s complex to get paid.

It can take 1-5 people, 10-20 steps before, from admission to payment, depending on the payer and services.  It’s manual, and costly.

And because the payer has specific requirements, and a timely filing deadline, there’s a real penalty for messing up.

The challenge is that your EMR or practice software is not designed for the workflows around your AR. It may be great on the clinical and accounting side, but it does not have the  all the AR tools you need. Also EMR's are not customizable as your processes change.


Profitability is reduced and bad debt increases

  • Most health providers are relying on staff and their EMR (electronic medical record) to handle the complex billing rules and requirements, but they’re not keeping up quickly enough. 
  • And because the EMR is not designed to handle this, staff are working outside the system of record.  That means they may be using a combination of spreadsheets, emails, paper printouts and Post-it notes to track and manage their efforts.
  • As a result, leadership have a lack of visibility where the dollars are stuck.  Because the processes are inconsistent due it not being formalized and varying by state, payer and service.  
  • And Because of the manual effort required, if staff go on leave or quit it’s hard to ensure continuity so you get paid.

The prevailing myth is to use spreadsheets, emails, outlook reminders - even sticky notes - to work your AR and manage RCM. And therefore it’s nearlu impossible to make your AR process collaborative, online, or visible to your whole team.

AR Proactive - Workflows

Automated Workflows to improve your bottom line

We help you get paid with

  • configurable workflows
  • that are repeatable and predictable,
  • automatically triggered and
  • lead to payment.



Use Automated Workflows to improve your bottom line

  • Higher cash flow
  • Visibility into AR processes
  • Accountability for AR dollars
  • Simpler RCM processes

The Executive Team

Rich Handler

CEO, Founder

Rich started AR Proactive because it solved a problem that he was facing: how do we simplify Healthcare RCM, AR and patient collections?


With his background in computer science, consulting and healthcare everyone wins: providers are paid, patients understand their bills, and the costs to collect are reduced.

Jonathan Serle


With a diverse background from startups to Fortune 500's, Jonathan brings a practical, people-oriented approach to building solutions. He has broad experience in building mission-critical systems.


Jonathan has a love for teamwork and exploring how the latest technology can improve existing infrastructure, allowing corporations to move toward the future in a balanced and logical way.

Yona Handler


In the B2B SaaS arena, Yona combines leadership and creativity, with consistency and precision, to achieve the results that his clients need.


His many hats and years of experience include implementation, account management, customer satisfaction, management and operations.

Nick Mankovsky

CIO, Head of Product

Anastasia Rashav

Head of Development

Kirill Koslov

Head of User Interface

Rob Brimm

Advisor. Former President, SAP Fieldglass.


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2821 W Estes Ave, Chicago, IL 60645


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