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AR Automation Software for Nursing Homes

Improve percentage collected and reduce bad debt by tracking all the processes from Admit to Payment for your SNFs (skilled nursing homes).

Track and manage every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard.  We automatically pull your data from your EMR (practice software), and combine it with your Workflow rules.  So that no balance or Admit falls through the cracks. Ever again. 

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Speed up your payments and AR processes

We automatically assign balances and tasks in real time, so your staff can stay ahead of critical reimbursement-related workflows, like: Aged Balances, Admits and Medicaid Pending.

Get your AR processes under control so your existing facilities are more profitable.  And so you can plan future acquisitions with confidence.  Without wondering what will happen to every $4,600 balance in your AR.

  • What’s the one thing that top SNF (skilled nursing home) RCM teams have in common? Speed. They adapt quicker, execute faster, and resolve more AR in less time.  Speed up your response times to AR-related issues with automatic Workflow triggers, based on an event in your EMR. In real time you know what needs to get done with a Task Inbox and email reminders.
  • Your business is low volume, but high dollars. It’s low-volume because SNF’s are mostly fixed census, with month-multi month (or multi-year) periods of service. But high dollars because your reimbursement per resident per month is measured in thousands of dollars, not hundreds. To succeed, you need to track and speed up your processes so you don’t drop a single AR ball.
AR Aging - product
AR Aging - product
Simpler RCM Process

Get the RCM functionality your EMR is missing, without the Excel workarounds.

We provide a way to track your balances in a real-time, shared AR Aging, assign Workflow and Tasks, and see everything on a color-coded Dashboard, so you know what’s going on.

When you have multiple facilities, each having multiple resident’s, each having multiple payers, each having multiple AR issues, each having multiple steps, don’t you think it’s time for a real tool?

  • Free SNF-specific Workflows that you can use and edit:
  • Admission workflow

  • Medicaid Pending workflow

  • Medicare Aging workflow

  • Payer Change workflow

  • Private Pay Aging workflow

  • and 20 other pre-configured workflows

  • We’re the tool built to simplify the RCM complexity for nursing homes. EMR’s are great on the clinical side, but sometimes lack on the non-clinical side, like back-office and AR operations.
  • Our platform solves this problem by providing the extra functionality and flexibility that’s needed, without workarounds or switching EMR. Our focus is on the business (i.e. non-clinical) and AR side only, and providing you configurable Workflows. So we built our system to be easy to setup, and quick to adapt to changes in your processes. 

"We needed to track our AR. So we could see activity on every balance. To reduce bad debt and increase cash flow.”

“It solves the gap in information as to the status of patient balances. We don't have to fumble with spreadsheets now. The result being real dollars in the end.”


Higher, faster payments one click away

Book a demo. In the first 10 min we’ll ask about your operation: where you're at, and where you want to get to? If it looks like you’re a fit, in the next 20 min we’ll show you how you can get better payments, visibility, team performance and AR-related processes.


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