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Get a Demo

Demos take from 10 minutes (to see if you're the right fit) to 45 minutes (to answer your questions).    

Pick a time to schedule a free evaluation of your specific needs, or give us a call at 414.699.2541 or email sales@arproactive.com.

On the demo we'll discuss how you can:

  • Increase cash flow and reduce bad debt.
  • Get visibility into AR and processes, so you can prevent bottlenecks.
  • Manage teams to improve labor efficiency.
  • Evaluate where you're at, where you want to get to, and how to get there.
  • Apply AR Workflow Automation to get the results you want for your company.

Other companies who use AR Proactive

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What our customers say

It solves the gap in information as to the status of patient balances. We don't have to fumble with spreadsheets now. The result being real dollars in the end.

The team really likes it. They can actually see the AR Aging in real time. And I can see my whole team's Notes on the AR Aging. So I know which claims are being worked, and which not.

I look at the ARP dashboard 4x to 5x a day. I can see high level Revenue Cycle performance. Then I can drill down into a specific collector to see what they’re stuck on.