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RCM Automation Software for your Medical Billing Company

We help Medical Billing teams increase payments by tracking every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard and shared AR view. 

We automatically pull your data from your clients’ EMRs (practice softwares), and combine it with your Workflow rules.  Staff know what to do and when.  And leadership can see where the dollars are stuck - and how to un-stuck them.

Some of our incredible customers and integrations

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Cash flow

Work clients’ balances faster in your collaborative AR Aging

As your team works your online AR Aging with notes and color coding, it updates in real-time.

It's where you can finally see your aging data (meaning: where are the dollars?) merged with your operational data (meaning: what's being done about it?).

  • Aging sorted from highest dollars to lowest. The AR Aging focusses your team on the balances that will bring in the highest payments. So that you see the highest ROI from their efforts.
  • Add Notes to Balances and Aging Buckets. Just as a CRM tracks the activity toward closing a sale, so too the AR Aging tracks the activity toward getting paid. You can see the whole team's Notes online on the AR Aging. So you can track who's doing what.
Medical Billing - Cash flow

Give your clients a 360° Dashboard view of their AR

See every process related to AR on one dashboard.

The Dashboard for clients gives them real-time visibility where their AR dollars are, from 10,000 ft down to the weeds. 

  •  3 Levels of View
  • Big picture:shows AR in completed workflows vs incomplete workflows.
  • Mid-level:shows dollars per Facility and Workflow.
  • Detail: shows AR line item progress and Task load per Staff.
  • Leadership sees where dollars are stuck, and how to un-stuck them - without the spreadsheets and emails. Escape the maze of Excel sheets and emails. A lot of work happens outside your EMR - in makeshift spreadsheets and emails. Regain control with configurable Workflows that are connected real-time with your EMR.
  • Company picker to see where each client and team is at. Switch quickly between your clients/teams to know what’s going on everywhere.


"You can't compare AR Proactive with the other systems we used, like Excel or practice softwares from our clients. I used to have to read my clients AR Aging reports for hours to see what was going on. Now everything is in front of me.”

“This saved us so many spreadsheets. It’s really good.”


Higher, faster payments one click away

Book a demo. In the first 10 min we’ll ask about your operation: where you're at, and where you want to get to? If it looks like you’re a fit, in the next 20 min we’ll show you how you can get better payments, visibility, team performance and AR-related processes.


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Improve percentage collected and reduce bad debt by tracking all the processes from Admit to Payment for your SNFs (skilled nursing homes).

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We help healthcare companies increase payments by tracking every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard.