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FrameworkLTC  integration for Patient Billing and Payments

Manage patient billing, followup and payments automatically


Some of our incredible customers

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Dashboard of your patient AR from Framework/Sage

  • You get visibility of where your AR dollars are in the workflow, and what's being done to get them paid.
  • Compare locations by AR performance.
  • See AR per status: invoice, letter, Paused, Payment Plan, Collections Agency. Percentage Collections.
AR Aging - product
AR Aging - product

Easy upload of patient statements

Use the regular Statement report to upload patient statements to us.

Optionally enrich the statement report with CSV data, like: payer on file, email, telephone number, Medicaid Pending. Or supply a list of accounts we should ignore.

Auto-post payments into Sage

  • You auto-post a daily file of online payment payments you've received. These payments are made you either on the patient portal at BillpaySafely.com, or from our Autopay service.
  • Your payments are imported directly into SageAccpac.
  • Your patient's balance is updated realtime on the patient portal at BillpaySafely.com.
AR Aging - product

"Several of our customers told us last month they loved your statement: it is so much easier to read than the one we used to have. High five!"

AR Aging - product

Invoice personalization

  • We print a welcome message with Facility name on the bill, letting your patients know why they are getting the bill. 

    For example: This bill from Acme Pharmacy is for medications you received while at Alpha Nursing Home.
  • Your patients received personalized message depending on their status: Medicaid Pending, Autopay, Slow payers.

Extra functionality for FrameworkLTC

  • Your patients sign up for Autopay from the patient portal, with data that comes from FrameworkLTC
  • Save credit card and eCheck on file
  • Email your patient bills directly from Framework, instead of printing, scanning and then emailing.
  • Your patients can message you directly from the payment portal at BillpaySafely.com
AR Aging - product

Free Extras

Smooth Onboarding

We hand-hold during onboarding.  With advice on how to transition your data and give updates to your patients.

Advisory Services

We share best practices we've seen across patient billing from various healthcare verticals over the last 10 years.

"Thank you for everything you have done to make this transition to your company so smooth."

Find Out How AR Proactive Can Help Your Healthcare Operation

Book a 30-minute demo session. We'll learn more about your business: where you're at, and where you want to get to. Then we show you how we can save you time, and be more profitable. processes.


Featured integrations

We integrate with whatever practice software and EMR's you have. We're system agnostic. But we play extra nicely with the following softwares.



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