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Automated patient billing for healthcare

Simplify your patient collections and payments with AR Proactive

Are you mailing patient statements manually and not getting paid?

Health providers running AR Proactive generate ~20% more patient payments within 3 months.

  • Higher patient payments
  • Simpler patient billing
  • Better patient experience
  • Connects to any EMR (practice software)

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How it Works


You upload your patient statements

Export your patient statements as a file from your practice software (EMR), instead of printing them to paper each month.  (We show you how to export.)  Then upload that file to us.

Patient Billing how it works 1


Patients get their statements and follow up

We print, mail, email and present the invoices to patients online.  We charge the Autopay patients.  And follow-up with reminder letters for slow payers.  All communication is workflow-based,  patient-friendly, and has your branding.

patient billing how it works 2


Patient payments come to you

Paper checks and online payments are deposited to your bank account, which are posted to your practice software (EMR).  To speed up payments we do: Autopay, Payment Plans, and Collection Agency team (optional).

Patient billing how it works 3
Cash flow

More payments from patients, in less time

We help you automate your patient billing, follow-up and payments.  Cash flow goes  up, and AR goes down.

Use the best technology for your patient billing, to get immediate ROI.  Just like you currently upload electronic claims to insurances and get back payments, so too, you can now upload a statement file to us, and get back patient payments. 
AR Aging - product

  Multi-channel bill delivery

Delivery preferences are personalized: paper, email, online, telephone, text (coming soon).  This increases patient responses.

  Personalized wording

The bill messaging is based on the balance age.  Patients are segmented by persona: diligent, distracted and deliberate.  Wording is customizable.

  Simple bills with your logo

Bills are redesigned to be patient-friendly with your logo.  Clear calls to action so that patients knows how to pay - and when.

  Multiple ways to pay you

More ways to pay means higher likelihood of payment: credit card, Autopay, paper check, eCheck, HSA, debit card and Payment Plans.

  Automatic payments

Autopay charges your patients for their balance due each month.  Patients receive a bill telling them “Autopay is on. No action is needed”. 

  Automated follow-up

We follow up on slow payers.  So nothing falls through the cracks because we track every patient balance.


Simplify your patient billing and follow up

We help you simplify your monthly billing processes by letting you upload your statement file into a pre-configured workflow which sends billing and follow up.

The formula is: better visibility + functionality = simpler billing.

  Dashboard of Patient AR

Quick visibility of what we're doing to get your AR paid. Track your balances as they flow through our workflow. No longer is your AR stuck in an Aging Report. 

  Simple workflow setup

Set the timing of the automated reminders to match your preferences and demographic. Adjust the wording on each reminder letter/email. 

  Automatic EMR connection

We supply a simple “how-to” for running the patient statement report and uploading to us. No extra setup work is needed from your side.

  Simplify complex billing

We can absorb multiple statement files, email address lists, or “special bucket” patients that need custom invoice wording, like Medicaid Pending patients.

  Autopay is easy

While you sleep, patients can go online to have their Credit Card (or eCheck) charged monthly for the amount due.

  Track follow-up activity 

Add notes to balances, so you know what happened, and the next step. Just like a CRM tracks activity toward a Sale, track your activity toward payment.

Give patients a friendlier, consumer-like billing experience

All patient communication has been re-worded, re-designed and A/B split tested, to give a better billing experience.

Patient clarity results in a higher likelihood to pay, and fewer calls to your staff. Patient confusion does the opposite.  Hence, our design motto for the patient journey: “Don’t make me think (too much).”

  Patient-friendly bills

Simply worded bills are based on the HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing guidelines.  We convert medical wording into familiar descriptions.

  Easy patient portal 

The patient site is intuitive and doesn't need an app download. Patient’s can view their bills, pay their bills, and sign up for Autopay and emailed billing.

  Autopay is hassle-free

Autopay is easy for your patients to turn on, without the hassle of a manual payment online or paper check. 

  How should we contact you?

Delivery options for your patients are paper mail, email, or online.  Reach patients via the channel they prefer. 

  “Pay my bill” button 

“Pay my bill” button on your website gives a smooth patient experience.  We display your web address (URL) on all patient communication.

  Quick, one-time payments 

No login is needed to make one-time payments.  Patients simply enter the account number that appears on their bill to make payment. 


Reduce the cost and manual effort of billing and follow up

We aggregate lots of volume to reduce your per-unit cost.  We handle 1,000’s of mailpieces, emails and online payments per day, so we can offer lower costs than in-house.

There’s a cost to every dollar that must be billed and collected. Reduce your cost by automating grunt work.  So your in-house team can get back to higher dollar activities. 

  Reduce labor

Outsourced patient billing reduces your labor and increases your focus.  We do the heavy lifting: printing, mailing, emailing, follow up and online pay.

 Eliminate manual processes

Your simple "set and forget" workflow takes care of all the steps from invoicing, to follow-up reminders on slow payers, to payment posting. 

  Autopay = more efficient staff

By reducing the number of “touches” to accept each payment, you improve staff efficiency, and remove the cost and headache associated with human error.

  Ignore "penny" balances

Set your Workflows to focus on bigger balances, to reduce postage and "touches".  Set balance threshold, and then send a combined invoice. 

  Limit billing attempts 

A max. of 5 billing attempts per balance reduces your cost-to-collect.  This is cheaper than the typical "send statements monthly" forever. 

  Lower credit card fees 

Reduce your Credit Card processing fees and get  funded overnight.  Accept eCheck (instead of Credit Card) to reduce merchant fees by 3x.


What our customers say

"Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to ever thank you for all this. Thank you for everything you have done to make this transition to your company so smooth. You can count me in for a testimonial"

"Everything works great! A patient sent us a thank you note with their payment. Because they found the online bill pay setup really easy."



  • Fast bill delivery
  • Business rules for "special case" billing
  • Exclusion lists for accounts that should not be billed
  • Robust, high-volume service
  • Compare performance per branch/location
  • Auto-post online payments in your practice software 
  • USPS address checking (NCOA)
  • Bad address reports
  • Automated reminder phone calls to patients
  • Late fee (optional) from letter 2 (day 60)  onwards
  • Patient Portal users can add multiple patients to their login
  • PCI compliant - all transactions are secure and encrypted 
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • 99.999% uptime

Collections Agency

  • Collections Agency directly integrated
  • 1-click to send a balance to the collection team 
  • Reminders for "collections pending" balances
  • FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practice Act) compliant
  • Discounts offered to encourage payment
  • Free to send a balance to the collections team
  • Skip tracing to find a working mailing address
  • Research team to find unreachable debtors 
  • Probate case handling
  • Litigation service available
  • US-based (California) collection agents

Facility Billing (patient statements to the facility)

  • Your facility can opt for paper mail or email delivery
  • Facility can view and pay bills online
  • Statement pack contains: cover sheet, detailed invoices, and summary sheet.
  • Facilities pay you by paper check, eCheck or credit card

Cash Flow Calculator with the 3 Drivers of AR™

See the dollar upside of upping your AR game. Even small improvements in these 3 areas can have a surprising bottom-line benefit.

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