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AR Automation Software for Healthcare companies

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Some of our incredible Customers and Integrations

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Nursing Homes (SNFs)

AR Workflow Automation for skilled nursing facilities to improve cash flow, track processes and boost team performance.

We help you track and manage all the AR- and business-related processes in your operation.  The result: more visibility and a better bottom-line.

This is a good system because I’m notified right away when a new Workflow triggers, say, for a new Admission. Previously, it could be weeks before I was notified - and this would affect our reimbursement.

AR Aging - product
AR Aging - product

Pharmacy (LTC/retail)

Patient billing automation for pharmacies to improve patient payments, and simplify their patient billing.

We mail and email your patient billing, follow up on slow payers, and allow patients to pay you online. 

Several of our patients told us last month they loved your statement: it is so much easier to read than the one we used to have. High five! Thanks!

Physical Therapy (Outpatient/Retail)

AR Workflow Automation for physical therapy operations to improve cash flow, simplify processes and boost team performance.

We help you manage every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard.  We automatically pull your data from your EMR (practice software), and combine it with your Workflow rules. So everyone knows what needs to be done, by when and how many dollars depend on it.

Guess work has been taken out of AR. Having the organisation in our system has been key to the new record month of collections.

AR Aging - product
AR Aging - product

Medical Billing Companies

We help you increase payments by tracking every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard and shared AR view.   Staff know what to do and when.  And leadership can see where the dollars are stuck - and how to un-stuck them.

The result: higher payments for your clients, and higher percentage revenue for you.

"The team really likes it. They can actually see the AR Aging in real time. Meaning, they don't have to wonder: 'did my claim get paid or not?' So when they sit to work the aging, they know what's paid and what's not."

All Healthcare

We help healthcare companies increase payments by tracking every back office- and AR-related process in one dashboard.

We connect to any EMR/AR system and the Workflows Templates are completely configurable, so they match your business processes.

A quick easy look at all AR, staff performance by number of outstanding Tasks, and where your uncollected dollars are.

AR Aging - product

AR Proactive by Job Roles

Owners, CFOs

Get ROI within 3 months with an improved bottom line.

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Manage your AR team, repetitive processes and special AR projects.

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From a simple and beautiful dashboard, you know what to do and when.

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