Get paid.

    AR Proactive gets health providers

    paid by their patients.



    How does it work? Automated patient invoicing, follow up, emailing, IVR phone calls, online payments and collection agencies. All on a dashboard. Integrates with your existing software and processes.



    Who's it for? Any health provider or company with accounts receivable (AR) that are a hassle. Clients include: pharmacies (retail/LTC), urgent care, home health agencies, billing companies, hospitals, and so on.



    Results? Increased cash collection by 25% to 300%, reduced write-offs, and a happy CFO. Within 3 months of set up.



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  • How it works

    Our experience as a health provider convinced us there must be a smarter way to bill patients - and get paid.

    A McKinsey report confirmed this. Finally, new technology and tools mean that you're in the right place, at the right time.

    Automated invoicing

    1. Immediately mailed and emailed as soon as a patient has a balance.
    2. Redesigned, simply worded, with a clear call-to-action, deadline and late fee.
    3. Appropriate follow up letters are mailed automatically according to a schedule based on first mailing date.

    No more waiting 30 days to send invoices at the end of the month.

    No more horribly designed and cryptically worded invoices from your enterprise software.

    Online payments

    1. Unique link to online patient payment for each invoice
    2. Recurring credit card payments
    3. Auto-payment option so whenever there's balance, it's charged automatically to the patient's credit card.
    4. Invoice history and payments viewable online by the patient

    No more hassle of managing multiple payments plans.

    Lower cost-of-collection.


    1. Online dashboard of money owed by patients, broken out by collection actions taken.
    2. Virtual Agent phone calls after hours to remind patients.
    3. Text message reminders (in the next phase).

    Use our tools to do your own collections, instead of paying a 30% fee to a collection agency.

    Collection agency is directly integrated

    1. Send invoices to collections by clicking from the dashboard. 
    2. Communicate with the collection agency via the dashboard.

    No need for a separate process or contract with a collections agency.



  • Results

    Patient payments increase 25% to 300% per month.

    Cost-to-collect is reduced by 23%.

    Online payments increase 400%.

    Protect yourself from insurance audits for copay billing.






    (The red boat is not included.)

  • Why don't they pay?

    A McKinsey study identifies the reasons patients don't pay.

    (Source: The Next Wave of Change for US Health Care Payments, McKinsey, May 2010.  Survey sample size: 4,100 patients.)

    37% said

    "There are no payment plans."

    Set up payments plans online or by telephone with AR Proactive.  Automated tracking will manage each patient's plan.

    19% said

    "The bill was confusing."

    AR Proactive invoices are simply worded, with a clear call-to-action, deadline and late fee.

    19% said

    "I just got my bill."

    Invoices are mailed and emailed within 2 business days.

  • Pricing

    No setup fee.

    No lock in period.

    No percentage fee.


    You only pay per activity - per outbound letter, call or email.


    That's it.


    Our clients think of us as free, because of the increased payments and reduced cost-to-collect.



  • Happy customers

    Polaris Pharmacy Services

    LTC Pharmacy | Florida


    "Online payments for patients – that’s huge for us – just that alone ... You guys are wonderful and the setup was seamless."

    - Jeanette Fruhman, Controller

    Happy Customer

    Medrite Urgent Care

    Urgent care | NY | FL


    Happy customer


    LTC Pharamcy | FL | PA | CT | TX


    "AR Proactive gave us great ROI.

    They take care of patient AR follow up.

    And we take care of posting the cash - and we saw results from the first months. So I can highly recommend them."

    - Vaishali Patel, Director of Revenue

    July 2017

    Happy customer

    Kamin Health - Urgent Care Centers

    Urgent care | NY

    Happy customers

    Harbor Pharmacy

    LTC Pharmacy | New Jersey


    "I joke that people ignored my bills for months and now they get a bill from you guys and and they pay it ... I’m jealous!"

    - Heidi Vitti, Director of Billing

    Happy customers

    VNA of Maryland

    Home Health Agency | Maryland

    Happy customers

    Curexa Pharmacy

    LTC and Speciality Pharmacy | New Jersey


    "You are very helpful and I appreciate you reaching out!"

    - Dan DiStefano, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy

    Dec. 2016

    Happy customer

    Condo Pharmacy

    Retail and LTC Pharamcy | New York


    "I look forward to working together for a long time."

    - Steve Moore, Owner

    Happy customer

    Care One Pharmacy

    LTC Pharmacy | Illinois


    "The genius is that AR Proactive runs almost on its own."

    - Stan Gertz, COO

    Happy customer

    Parkview Health Services

    LTC Pharmacy | NY


    “I am using your portal every day and it it is very helpful. Now that Letter #2 is in effect we are discussing the past due balances with our customers to resolve payment.”

    - Steve Rice, Billing Manager

    August 2017

  • Demo and contact us

    For a demo, to chat, or for anything else, drop us a note below.


    Or drop us a line at info@arproactive.com, or call (414) 699-2541.


  • Team

    Nice to meet you!

    Rich (Reuven) Handler,


    Rich started AR Proactive because it solved a problem that he was facing. AR Proactive was born from the pain of patient billing in healthcare.


    With his background in computer engineering, consulting and healthcare everyone wins: providers are paid, patients understand their bills, and the costs to collect are reduced.


    Although AR Proactive began in the healthcare industry, it has been engineered to work with any business that has a pain point in cash flow, AR or collections.

    Jonathan Serle,


    With a diverse background from startups to Fortune 500's, Jonathan brings a practical, people-oriented approach to software development. He has broad experience in building mission-critical systems.


    Jonathan has a love for teamwork and exploring how the latest technology can improve existing infrastructure, allowing corporations to move toward the future in a balanced and logical way.



    Oleg Pankiv,

    Lead Developer

    Oleg is a multi-skilled IT professional with technical expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of the software development life-cycle.


    He both manages and motivates a team of developers to achieve their milestones and grow in their skills and critical thinking.


    Yona Handler,


    In the B2B SaaS arena, Yona combines leadership and creativity, with consistency and precision, to achieve the results that his clients need.


    His many hats and years of experience include implementation, account management, customer satisfaction, management and operations.

  • Partners

    AR Proactive integrates with all practice software - we're system agnostic.

    But we play extra nicely with the following.

    Pharmacy software

    Pharmacy software

    Pharmacy software

    Pharmacy software

    Pharmacy software

    Home health agency software

    Pharmacy software

    Pharmacy software

    Point of sale software

    Doctors office software

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